Acc Savings

Self employed and business owners

  • Are you paying too much for ACC levies?
  • Are these levies coming as a surprise?
  • What would you get paid if you have an accident?

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What If?

  • What if you got sick and could not work?
  • Would you be covered by ACC?
  • How would you pay the bills for your business?
  • Would your business stop producing income without you?


How We Help

We can help with:

  • Minimising ACC levies by balancing risk assessments between ACC and insurance policies.
  • Even out your ACC and insurance payments so you financially plan correctly.
  • Assurance of income in case of accident.
  • ACC claims can be costly and delayed. ACC requires proof of income via up to date accounts that you have to produce at your cost with no guarantees on how much you will receive from ACC. Levies are based on your last years turnover which could be less than you are earning now.
  • You could be over insured
  • Restructure current ACC

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